Terms and Conditions

A. Bespoke / Customised Pieces

1. Once the design (including the gemstone / diamond, sizing and cutting) for your customised piece is finalised, a 50% deposit is required to commence the crafting process. The balance 50% will be paid upon collection of your finished customised piece. 

2. The total time required to create your customised piece depends on the complexity of the design, and we estimate it to be at least 4 to 8 weeks from the time the 50% deposit is paid. 

3. Once your customised piece is ready, you can either choose to collect it in person or arrange for it to be delivered to you upon payment of the balance 50%. 

4. For deliveries, additional delivery charges and insurance charges (for overseas delivery) will apply, and we will arrange for your customised piece to be delivered to you in person, once the balance 50% is paid. 

5. Strictly no refunds or exchanges for customised pieces. 

6. If you wish to resize or change the design of your customer piece, additional charges may apply. 

7. We provide complimentary certification for customised pieces above S$10,000

B. Ready-made Pieces

1. No refunds allowed for ready-made pieces. 

2. Additional delivery charges and insurance charges (for overseas delivery) will apply.

3. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange it within 7 days from the date of purchase with the original receipt (subject to stock availability during your visit)for another ready-made piece of the same or higher value.

4. Exchanges to a different ready-made piece with a higher value will require a top up. 

5. There will be no refund of price difference if you opt to exchange for a ready-made piece of a lower value. Instead, the difference will come in the form of store credits with a 3-month validity. 

6. We are unable to assist with any exchange requests in the absence of the original receipt. 

7. You may wish to visit our store to view our available items for any exchanges. In the alternative, we will also be able to arrange for the collection of your item and thereafter deliver the exchanged item. Additional charges for the collection and delivery will apply. 

8. We reserve the right to reject any exchange based on the condition of the item. 

9. We provide complimentary certification for ready-made pieces above S$10,000 upon receipt of a 50% deposit for the item.


FAQs for website
1. How do I create my own bespoke jewellery?
We can create one-of-a-kind custom jewelry using gemstones and pieces that you already own, or craft original design based on your imagination and our creativity. We will turn your ideas into a special piece of jewelry that will cherish!

The first step in the custom design process is Discovery; our initial consultation to share ideas, identify your style and determine the kind of jewelry you’ll love wearing. Very often, we’ll sketch some of those idea right along with you.

Once the sketch is approved, a model will be made and the custom piece is now ready to be cast in the precious metal of your choice. Next, our professional stone setter carefully assembles and sets each stone.

Your jewelry is then inspected and prepared with your desired finish. It will be inspected once again upon finishing, to ensure that every detail will exceed your expectations.

2. Is the deposit refundable?
Unfortunately, the deposit is not refundable as it will be applied to the making of the bespoke jewellery that you have tasked us with.

3. How long does it take to create a bespoke jewellery?
The total time required to create your customised piece depends on the complexity of the design, we estimate it to be at least 4 to 8 weeks from the time the 50% deposit is paid.

4. How do I maintain my jewellery?
• Store your jewellery in separate pouches or boxes to avoid scratches.
• Clean it gently with mild soap and water, then dry it with a soft cloth.
• Take off jewellery before swimming, using chemicals, or applying lotions.
• Be careful when wearing and removing jewellery.
• Have it checked by a jeweller regularly.
• Get it professionally cleaned and polished occasionally.
• Use a travel jewellery case when going on trips to keep it safe.
By following the above steps, your fine jewellery will stay beautiful and last longer.

5. Are your diamonds and gemstones certified?
Yes, they are. We provide complimentary certification for customised pieces above S$10,000.

6. Do you provide repair services for a jewellery that I already have?
Yes, we offer jewellery repair services, but they do incur a cost. Our skilled artisans will carefully restore your pieces to their original beauty. Contact us for more details or to schedule a repair consultation. We are here to help preserve your cherished jewellery.

7. What if I am not satisfied with the design of my bespoke jewellery?
At T&C Gemstones and Jewellery, customer satisfaction is our priority. While we will gladly assist with design changes for bespoke pieces, please note that significant alterations may incur additional costs. We value your input and aim to create a stunning piece that exceeds your expectations. Our transparent communication ensures you are aware of any potential charges. Let’s collaborate to craft a cherished bespoke jewellery piece that reflects your unique style and personality. Your happiness is our ultimate goal,
and we will work diligently to achieve it.